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Disaster recovery


Disaster recovery

The essence of any good business model is to deliver quality products or services well within a commonly agreed upon time-frame. Catering to the increasingly demanding needs of clients without delays has become imperative in today’s fiercely competitive business environment in order to maintain an organization’s competitive advantage, safeguard its brand reputation and the loyalty of its customers, despite unforeseen circumstances that can slow things down. Enter disaster recovery, a fire escape when adversity strikes.

Key features:

• Easy to deploy and configure
• Strong Security
• Virtual & Physical Environments
• Failover Locally or in the Cloud
• Geodiversity of Replication Hardware
• Failover Testing

This lets you and your team focus on the most important aspects of your business.

For example, Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

• Reduced IT costs

• Scalability

• Business continuity

• Minimal Performance Impact

Reduced IT costs

By reducing restore times of business information systems, you can limit the losses not only in terms of revenues, but even related to, for example, costs for possible damage caused by downtime and management or technical assistance expenditure.


Thanks to Disaster Recovery solution you have the warranty of restore systems, services and applications in short times and get significantly lower RTO and RPO. According to the parameters defined from DR plan, you could drastically reduce restore times on the basis of your needs, which would be completely impossible without using a Disaster Recovery solution.

Business continuity

Each company has critical processes that must be always active and are vital for the business continuity. Through a Disaster Recovery solution these kinds of processes will be preserved and possible interruptions minimized, by allowing a short resume to operations.

Minimal Performance Impact

Replication of business infrastructure on one or more Disaster Recovery sites ensure no impact on performance. Indeed, thanks to the activation of Disaster Recovery, systems are constantly online.

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